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NICOLAS Tractomas: The most powerful prime mover in the world now available as a scale model


If conventional road trucks are not powerful enough to carry out the transportation assignment, NICOLAS provides the solution with the Tractomas. Designed and built by NICOLAS since 35 years, the Tractomas has proved its efficiency all around the world under the toughest conditions (desert, arctic, military, mining …), breaking the world record in 2005, as the world largest semi-truck with an entry in the Guinness World Records. This collectible scale model is manufactured in scale 1:50 and consists of almost 200 individual metal parts. Click here to order: Opens external link in new windowTII Shop

Lessons in "super-flexibility“ – broad application range of the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Superflex ensures full utilization of equipment for CABA Transport in Turkey


The transport of several tram vehicles from China to Samsun in Turkey resembled a lesson in modern logistics which involved  air, land, and sea transportation. Due to certain problems in using the sea route, the first streetcars arrived in Samsun on an Antonov AN-225 and were then subsequently transported by ship. Moving the 35 t tram from the port and airport to the tram depot was carried out with an 8-axle SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Superflex. CABA Transport has successfully used the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Superflex in Turkey for transporting railway vehicles of all types. However, this is not everything that the versatile all-rounder "Superflex" has to offer. Opens external link in new windowRelease Superflex