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NICOLAS looks back on sucessful SIMA fair

A great rush at the NICOLAS booth at the SIMA fair in Paris.

The SIMA fair in Paris from 22 to 26 February in Paris has proved successful for NICOLAS Industries department “Environnement”, manufacturing heavy duty landscape care equipment. The numerous exhibits at the booth found great interest amongst the visitors and numerous pieces of equipment, amongst...

TII Group presents at the INTERMAT in Paris with SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG


From 20th - 25th April 2015, the TII Group will be presenting at the INTERMAT in Paris (E6 C 029). The TII Group, which includes SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG, provides a wide range of pulled and driven vehicles for heavy transport operations both on and off-road for logistics and material handling...

Nothing beats the original – tonnes of SPMT innovations at the TII Group


In 1983, SCHEUERLE, a member of the TII Group, developed a vehicle that would fundamentally change the heavy haulage industry. The SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter), with its container-sized design, was introduced into the heavy-load transporter sector and opened up new dimensions in...

Lessons in "super-flexibility“ – broad application range of the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Superflex ensures full utilization of equipment for CABA Transport in Turkey


The transport of several tram vehicles from China to Samsun in Turkey resembled a lesson in modern logistics which involved air, land, and sea transportation. Due to certain problems in using the sea route, the first streetcars arrived in Samsun on an Antonov AN-225 and were then subsequently...