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Flexible on CAN-OPEN base

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  • NATURA 52 ( horizontal boom 5.20 m)
  • NATURA 55Z (horizontal boom 5.60 m, offset extension arm for moving the mulching head forward  by 1.25 m)

  • H.X.E : low-pressure hydraulic joystick with electrical rotor control
  • P.R.S : electrical proportional control with electric rotor start-up procedure
  • Reinforced rotor with 60 blades (standard)
  • Reinforced rotor with 60 blades on quick-change shackles (optional)
  • Rotor for clearing undergrowth with 20 pruning hammers (optional)

The CAN-OPEN technology also allows the setting and management of all movement speeds with the help of an adaptable and removable control screen, as well as the optimal diagnosis of feedback.

All circular saws (3, 4 or 5 blades depending on version) can be attached to all mulcher versions