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Wind Industry

Secure and efficient transportation of rotor blades, nacelles and tower segments

Reliability, ease of maintenance and good handling are naturally included in the specifications of all vehicles by NICOLAS. More features are available as options. Intensive consulting and close dialog with you as a customer will result in a transport solution which is not only versatile and economical but also future-oriented. For: NICOLAS will also support you with its market intelligence and show you the direction in which the transportation business develops. Particularly in the wind-power sector where new technologies constantly emerge and the plant sizes continually increase, you can rest assured of one thing: You will remain competitive with the vehicles by NICOLAS in the future. 

Transport of rotor blades

Rotor blades are very sensitive and extremely long whereby the trend is moving towards even larger installations. Rotor blade lengths of up to 80 metres are no longer a rarity today. Extendable semi-trailers from NICOLAS provide a solid and cost-effective solution for their transportation.

Transport of nacelles

Today, vehicles of the TII Group move nacelles in all areas - on fully automated self-propelled vehicles (AGV) which are used as "assembly lines" during the manufacture of these impressive heavyweights, with modular platform trailers on public roads, or on the famous "last mile" where self-propelled transporters are often used. Combinable with flat bed and frame decks or as a simple vehicle combination, NICOLAS vehicles guarantee economical and safe nacelle transportation.

Wind tower segments

Wind tower segments can be transported by means of portal decks or special adapters. Depending on the adapter type, special types of nacelles can, for example, also be directly mounted in the adapter. With the adjustable adapters supplied by the NICOLAS, segments weighing up to 120 tonnes and 5.5 m in diameter can be moved.

Off-shore wind power plants – Easy and simple handling of tripods, lattice masts and monopiles

Vehicles from NICOLAS are already used in the construction process of off-shore installations. When transporting between different production and storage locations, in the production logistics of nacelles as "assembly lines", or for the transport of steel constructions with self-propelled vehicles. Particularly when it comes to the offshore sector, we need to “think big” - gigantic tripods, lattice masts or large monopiles have to be moved safely, quickly and economically. Even gravity foundations and hubs of any size will not push NICOLAS vehicles to their limits.